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Sonjia Here

Just wanted to touch base with everybody. I decided to set this website up to help raise awareness and to form a community aimed towards helping Bipolar UK.

I have Bipolar 2 diagnosed in 2016 after a break down after being severely bullied at work. I used to try medicate myself with alcohol to mask my symptons and the highs and lows that came with it. I've struggled all my life with loosing friends, shopping obsessions etc. I would end up with crippling depression where I would just lie in bed and exist. To extreme highs acting out.

Anyway I'm one of the lucky ones 3 times poorly, 3 times in The Priory. I wouldn't be here without "The Priory Care" but I'm here for a reason. Learning to live with and understand my illness. So I wanted to give something back.

So I got custom clothes made, each with a special positive message about mental illness. We donate 15% direct to Bipolar UK. Everyone I employ has mental health or bipolar. I want to turn a negative into a positive. Why should we be ashamed to have Bipolar? Let's come together and make the best out of what we have.

Bipolar UK Charity

We donate 15% of all sales to

Bipolar UK

Please pop to our store to purchase our new Christmas Cards in partnership with Bipolar UK. 

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Bipolar UK is a charity very close to my heart as it offers guidance and support to all sufferers and their families and carers. 

It helps remove the stigma of this misunderstood illness.

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